Student's Policy

  1. The student must have fully paid all course fees (plus other financial obligations Payable to the management two weeks before the termination of his or her Course failing which he/she ceases immediately to continue as a student and Forfeits all rights and privileges attached to that status (studentship).
  2. As a combined course student, two weeks before the end of the first month, payment for course fee must NOT be less than N39,000.00 & 2 weeks before the end of the second month, course fees & any other financial obligations must be fully paid.
  3. No Refund After Payment Please.
  4. Payment made for a particular course/class cannot be changed or switched for payment for another course/class or switched for purchase of accessories! Student has to and must complete class paid for. If students stop class in the middle of a particular course or towards the end, student will not be allowed to collect balance or switch class balance as deposit payment for purchase of any other thing from mix n bake.
  5. If for any reason(s) you did not complete the course registered for at the stipulated/ scheduled period, you would be allowed six months grace from the date of registration after which the payment made would expire. After the six months, you will have to make another full payment.
  6. Fees for private classes must be paid in full in advance
  7. Students baking or Decorating Cakes outside Class work must pay for using the school facility and Staff for Baking or Decorating. This must be strictly Adhered to or the Staff who bakes or Decorates the cake for the student outside Class work without duly informing management will be punished!
  8. Students are to resume Classes at 10 a.m. and end classes at scheduled time agreed with management. Late coming Students will continue with class already in progress. Students must not hold Classes to ransom because of lateness. Classes will continue at scheduled time. If Student wants to make- up classes he/she missed due to lateness she must pay for make-up classes by liaising with the management and not the teacher.
  9. For baking classes, students will be grouped together to use certain tools and mixers together but whoever wants his/her own space, tools, mixer and oven to himself/herself to work with during baking classes, such student will have to opt out from the group and pay the sum of N100,000.00 to have all his/her baking items exclusively to Himself/herself.
  10. For SAFETY REASONS, student(s) would NOT be allowed to operate any of the School equipments, such as Mixers, Ovens, Cookers, Burners, Microwave, A.C, etc. To make use of any of the Mix ‘N’ Bake equipments, please call on Mix ‘N’ Bake personnel/ staff to assist you. On no account or reason should the student operate any equipment by himself/herself without supervision or else Mix N Bake will not take responsibility for any students mis-hap, or accident due to lack of following instructions on the part of the student, also student will bear the full cost of malfunctioned, destroyed, or spoilt machines due to students not following laid down rules and policies.
  11. As part of the training process, all students must participate in washing and cleaning up of tools, items and class area in such a way as to make learning environment conducive and habitable for everyone.
  12. The school will provide students with APRONS and HEAD COVERS to use during classes. It is COMPULSORY for all students to cover their hair with head cover/scarf/hair nets because Officers from Ministry of Health, Food and Diseases control Division do come in to check randomly and fines are imposed on companies who don’t comply, if students don’t comply the fee/charge will be passed down to the student and the student must pay or certificate withheld and class dismissed. But whoever does not want to use the school head cover/scarf should bring his/her head cover from home to use during classes.
  13. During classes, students must put their phone(s) on silence or vibration mode in order to avoid distractions and disturbance.
  14. Students with special physical challenge(s) should inform the management for special training arrangement or register for private classes.
  15. The school has the right to expel/dismiss any student(s) caught in the act of fighting and quarrelling, USING BAD LANGUAGE during classes without any form of refund to the student(s) involved. All issues should be reported to the management for resolution.
  16. Dear Student, For the benefit of all parties, for a class session with minimal distractions and disruptions, it’s important and compulsory that students are civilized in their discussions by not raising their voices at fellow students or teachers while in class and within the school premises.
    Discussions should be done in a civilized manner with no noise making, mutual respect for one another is very important for smooth running class sessions, including students showing respect to teachers irrespective of age or status, we assure you the teachers will do likewise. Noise making is strictly forbidden within school and mix and bake facility.
  17. Students who disrupt class sessions through rudeness, unnecessary noise making, Undue attention seeking, and become physical and feisty even after warnings and reprimanding will be dismissed immediately without refund of school fees.
    We hate to see this happen so please be civil and follow class rules and policies for the benefit of all. We love and appreciate you. Please fill free to express your grievances to the manager in charge of your class location on any issues you are dissatisfied with and we will look into it promptly.
  18. Questionnaires will also be given at the end of your class session to state any dissatisfaction"


  • For cocktail drinks class, payment must be made in full before the commencement of the class
  • All issues, complaints etc. should be discussed with the manager/management IN CHARGE OF THE LOCATION WHERE YOUR CLASS IS HOLDING for a resolution.
  • To enhance a smooth running and organized school session for the benefit of all parties involved, Rules and Regulations must be strictly adhered to.

Thank you for choosing to take a class in Mix ‘n’ Bake School, we say THANK YOU, we truly appreciate you.
We hope you have a fun filled, educative class and we wish you all the best.

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